Since 2013 event directors, wedding coordinators, party stylists, and a sophisticated array of customers have enjoyed one of the best-kept culinary secrets in New York City: Ashleigh Blackman’s artisanal dessert company Bake-tique 212. Bake-tique 212 is no longer for only those “in-the-know,” as Elle Décor once described it, but has expanded to a wider and more universal clientele due to its initial grassroots success.

After having worked in the fashion industry for ten years as a head lingerie designer, Blackman’s entrepreneurial spirit, lifelong passion for baking, and training in art and design have combined to make Bake-tique 212 one of the most sought after high-end, dessert catering boutiques in New York. Bake-tique 212 provides artistic desserts for every kind of event from weddings, showers, and birthdays to corporate and charitable affairs.

“What separates us from other bakeries is that we’re truly a boutique: not only do I personally bake or supervise the baking of all the items, but I collaborate with individual clients and event professionals to design and create custom desserts for themed events where we perfect every memorable edible detail and accompanying visual delight down to how the desserts are displayed,” said Blackman. “I’m surprised by how often taste takes a back seat to appearances in this industry, but at Bake-tique 212 our reputation is built on the basis that all of our desserts taste as good as they look.”

One of Bake-tique 212’s most sought-after treats is the Ghuvikelz. The unique, fourth-generation family recipe features extraordinary dough that is crisp yet tender. The dough is rolled with a variety of fillings, creating layers of delicious flavors that satisfy any craving. Ghuvikelz come in several flavors: Original (strawberry, walnut), MCM (macadamia, coconut and marshmallow) and Banana-Nutella. 

Other mouth-watering specialties include Smidgens and Cookie-Pies.  Smidgens are petite one-bite wonders that combine marshmallow topped with either chocolate or caramel with a variety of bases crafted from either Graham Crackers, brownies, pretzels, Oreos, or chocolate chip cookies.  Cookie-Pies are flavorful, eye-appealing two-bite, open lattice miniature apple or blueberry pies that are the size and shape of a cookie.   

“I’ve always been an artist with an internal drive to create. Working as a fashion designer gave me an outlet for my love of design and color. Thanks to my grandmother, I grew up with a true love of baking and now I’m fortunate enough to be heading my own company.  I have the creative freedom to invent my own recipes and aesthetic vision for Bake-tique 212’s desserts,” Blackman said.

Ashleigh wants her clients to realize that they can have fun and be creative with desserts, not only in the customized creation of beautiful and delicious sweets but how they are decorated and displayed for themed events. For the launch party of a well-known online jewelry company’s new collection, Ashleigh crafted desserts based on images of jewelry created by the different designers participating in the collection. This allowed her to tie the desserts taste and visual appeal to the jewelry, reinforcing the guests’ connections to the products and the purpose of the event.

Whether it’s a Great Gatsby-themed party where Bake-tique 212’s desserts become sophisticated Art Deco works of edible art in gold, silver, and black, or a vintage Parisian bridal shower featuring refined and decorative fleur-de-lis-shaped cookies, pink ombre mini cakes, and dainty pink and white “fine art” floral cupcakes, Ashleigh Blackman’s desserts become conversation pieces around which guests take delight and gather. 

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