Au Bon Pain prides itself on providing a balanced menu with healthy and indulgent menu items that are fresh and delicious; the fast casual restaurant has a 37 year heritage of serving high quality delectable options. Au Bon Pain is unveiling a sirloin steak sandwich and salad, multigrain croissants, an asparagus & tomato egg white frittata, a CroisBun topped with fresh strawberries, a protein-packed peanut butter cookie with chunks of real peanuts and craveable Monkey Bread.

"On the sweet side, we decided to bring Monkey Bread into cafes as it is a favorite among many, and we've developed it as muffin-sized pull-apart pastry that is sharable – and wonderful for a snack with friends," said Maria Feicht, Au Bon Pain's chief brand officer. "We are also changing the pastry game with our Strawberries & Creme CroisBun that is topped with fresh strawberries; a fresh sweet surprise."

The refreshes are to appeal to the changing consumers who want more health conscious meal choices but who also want to splurge on innovative bakery items. Today's seasonal menu is the first phase of the long-term menu changes that Au Bon Pain will be rolling out over the next few months under Executive Chef Katherine See.

"Our new sirloin steak options are absolutely delicious; they bring a higher quality of premium sandwich to our cafes," said Katherine See, Au Bon Pain executive chef. "As we listen to our guests, we know they are seeking more protein options so we found the best sirloin steak we could, we added peanuts to our peanut butter cookies and we are planning even more exciting changes that will take place starting late spring."

A list of items newly available include:

Strawberries & Creme CroisBun – Our famous sweet cheese CroisBun filled with strawberry preserves and topped with whipped creme & fresh strawberries.

Monkey Bread – Soft pull-apart pastry baked with cinnamon sugar and honey.

Whole Wheat Zucchini & Nut Mini Loaf – Diced zucchini, crunchy California walnuts and plump raisins in a hearty and moist whole wheat cake.

Chunky Peanut Butter Cookie – A chunky peanut butter cookie bursting with whole peanuts and all-natural peanut butter.