Food safety bakery
Address food safety risks before it's too late.

Comprehensive Food Safety, LLC (CFS), has announced the spin-off of its Retail Food Safety practice from its Small Business Division (SBD). Formed in January 2012, the SBD provides practical, innovative, and affordable turnkey food safety solutions for small businesses—to improve their competitiveness, and to protect their brand.

In Demand

Because of the high demand for retail food safety services, CFS launched its Retail Food Safety Division last month. CFS is well-positioned for this rapidly growing market segment, and has a dedicated team of retail food safety consultants.  Each has more than twenty years of retail food safety experience. Success is achieved by partnering with clients and by being the catalyst for change.

CFS has developed an innovative retail food safety approach that addresses the precise needs of retail food establishments. The CFS Retail Food Safety Signature Service offers unsurpassed brand protection—from pragmatic and cost-effective food safety solutions, OSHA and food safety regulatory compliance—to store image improvement, building a culture of accountability, and operating profit improvement.

"Our Retail Food Safety 'Signature Service' is a practical, turnkey approach to solve the unique challenges faced by retail food establishments," says Stanley Cherkasky, managing director, CFS. "Our 'Signature Service' is unsurpassed, and will soon become the industry model." Cherkasky further stated that, "In order to maintain a leadership position, you must continually raise the bar and partner with your clients."  

Going National Soon

Additionally, CFS is an approved NY State training provider, and is fortunate to be named among a select few approved consulting firms. CFS is uniquely positioned to provide customized and State approved food safety training to a broader market.  Plans are underway to further expand retail food safety consulting and training throughout the Northeast, and to the Southeast region by the end of the third quarter in 2015.

As reported by the CDC, each year an estimated 48 million Americans are sickened by contaminated food, 128,000 are hospitalized with food-related illness, and 3,000 die from foodborne disease. "Nothing is more important than to protect the American public against foodborne illness," stated Cherkasky. "CFS is changing the game by raising food safety standards beyond regulatory requirements. The cornerstone of food safety is continual education and a dedication to excellence," Cherkasky concluded.

CFS provides food safety consulting to the food industry and offers an array of food safety consulting services, including staff development and change management—this includes pragmatic food safety programs for third party GMP audits and GFSI Certification. CFS is an industry leader in food safety and regulatory compliance. Additionally, CFS is a licensed SQFI Training Center that provides both public and client-dedicated courses throughout the year.