The precision and flexibility in temperature afforded by multiple zones in a tunnel oven and varying heat types in a hybrid oven afford some energy savings as well.

In its Gashor tunnel oven with multiple zones, Cinch Bakery Equipment spreads the heat load across multiple burners instead of just one.

“Multiple zones equal multiple towers, and each one doesn’t have to run at maximum heat,” said Cindy Chananie, president. “The oven is more energy efficient, and if one burner fails, the oven can rely on the other burners to run the oven.”

The unique heat distribution system in conjunction with the vertical turbulence technology makes the Gemini/WP Thermodor indirect-fired tunnel oven flexible to adjust and change bake profiles. It is also energy efficient.

“The other major advantage of having the vertical turbulence systems to complement the radiant heat zones relates to bake times and temperatures,” explained Mark Rosenberg, Gemini Bakery Equipment. “Normally, we expect a 10 to 20% reduction of bake time and a dramatic reduction of energy.”

In an effort to help bakers minimize their energy consumption while still maintaining quality products and production volume, Baker Thermal Solutions and Stewart Systems continue to develop ways to integrate new technologies including infrared, induction and microwave heating.

Currently, the Baker Thermal Solutions and Stewart Systems, both subsidiaries of the Middleby Corp., offer real time utility consumption feedback.

“This provides an invaluable tool to help both the operator and bakery understand how control behavior impacts actual production costs,” said Jerry Barnes, vice-president of business development and marketing, Baker Thermal Solutions and Stewart Systems.

With the simple change of independent damper settings, the direct force convection portion of the hybrid oven from Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems can distribute the correct hot air above or below the baking conveyance, eliminating the need for an extra fan to distribute the air, which reduces operating costs.