Hodgson Mill is adding to its extensive line of whole grain foods in 2015 with the launch of 18 new products. Super grains such as sorghum, quinoa and Kamut khorasan wheat now are offered as single items, as well as formulated into quick and easy side dishes and a new hot cereal. Hodgson also is offering gluten-free starches.

The new products include:

• gluten-free, non-G.M.O. corn starch

• gluten-free tapioca starch

• gluten-free potato starch

• pearled sorghum

• pearled and cracked sorghum

• buckwheat groats/hearts

• quinoa — red, white, black and tri color

• quinoa flour

• sorghum, brown rice and quinoa side dishes in five flavors: Southwest, Parmesan butter, pesto herb, rosemary and garlic, and chipotle

• steel cut oat, sorghum and quinoa hot cereal

“It’s great that people are rediscovering ancient grains,” said Bob Goldstein, president of Hodgson Mill. “We’ve always offered quality traditional whole grains like whole wheat, oats, buckwheat and rye — these new products are all great additions that complement our line. We’re just going to keep growing.”

All of the items are enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Verification process, and 11 already are verified, Hodgson Mill said. All certified gluten-free items are verified by the Celiac Support Association.

“We take certification standards and product quality very seriously,” said Hope Yingst, quality assurance manager. “We want to wow customers with our consistent quality.”