Are you ready to get certified?  The process just got a little easier, with online testing from the Retail Bakers of America (RBA).

An RBA Certification raises professional standards and verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities a professional baker brings to the marketplace. 

RBA provides professionals of the retail baking industry the opportunity to do online testing for two designations - Certified Journey Baker and Certified Baker (CB is an online test & a one-day practical exam). 

Certified Journey Baker (CJB)  

A baker at this level assists in the preparation and production of pies, cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, desserts or other baked goods for a commercial bakery. Duties may include stocking ingredients, preparing and cleaning equipment; measuring ingredients, mixing, scaling, forming, proofing, oven tending, and product finishing. He/she must demonstrate a basic knowledge about the principles of sanitation.   


Certified Baker (CB)  

A Certified Baker prepares and produces baked goods while assisting with general commercial bakery operations. He/she has considerable responsibility and autonomy and participates in a broad range of both complex and routine work activities, including supervision of other staff and allocation of resources. He/she must demonstrate a basic knowledge of bakery sanitation, management, retail sales/merchandising and staff training.  

To see if you qualify to get certified, click on the link below to fill out a certification application.  Once your application is accepted, the RBA will send you a link for the online test.  You will receive instant results of a PASS/FAIL once your test in submitted.