The Essential Baking Company will showcase three brand new, exclusive product lines; Organic Bake-at-Home Breads, Organic Bake-Off Breads, and Gluten Free Deli Sliced Breads with 50% larger slices.

The Organic Bake-at-Home breads, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, are made in small batches with wild yeast and long fermentation, and its shelf-stable packaging allows for a 90+ day shelf life. The new line includes 5 new varieties: Sourdough, Rosemary, French, Italian, and French Baguette.

Similar to the bake-at-home breads, The Organic Bake-Off breads were developed to increase stores’ bakery sales through the commissary and generate awareness around Non-GMO and USDA organic ingredients. The category line-up is extensive and includes breads such as Rosemary, Sourdough, Raisin-Pecan, Olive, Rustic White, Roasted Garlic, Seeded Baguette, Rustic White Baguette and Sliced Multi-Grain and Sliced Columbia Rustic White.

The Gluten Free Deli Sliced Bread offers 50% larger slices in Classic White and Multi-Grain options. They come in shelf-stable packaging that allows for a 90+ day shelf life with no need to freeze! This bread is made in a dedicated gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and nut free bakery, making this bread suitable for those with a variety of dietary needs.

“We’ve been determined to find a way to make healthy bread accessible to people everywhere without any preservatives, and we've done it! We’re so thrilled about where this is going. There are essentially no boarders, and its horizon is limitless," says Leslie Heller, senior marketing manager.