Barry Callebaut opened its German Chocolate Academy center in Cologne Feb. 4 with a grand opening show titled “From the cocoa bean to chocolate.”

“At our new Chocolate Academy center, chocolate artisanry and chocolate art come together,” said Vera Becker, head of the center. “Therefore, we presented both sides to our guests, on the one hand the manufacturing of high-quality chocolate from the cocoa bean to the finished product, and on the other hand, the fine art of developing innovative and filigree chocolate and cocoa creations.”

The center offers a variety of courses, from confectionery and French pastry courses to cake design courses. Chefs such as Steffen Blunck, Lothar Buss and Matthias Ludwigs will lead the courses.

Barry Callebaut, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has 18 training centers in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. Last year about 38,000 people took courses.