AMP Holding Inc., parent company of AMP Trucks Inc., entered into a purchase agreement to supply five Workhorse E-GEN electric trucks to Alpha Baking Company, Inc. of Chicago. This is the second agreement AMP has signed to supply E-GEN trucks to a Chicago company, in a city that is incentivizing funding of electric trucks.

Bob McGuire, Alpha Baking's Vice President, Director of Logistics, added, "We're excited to be working with AMP Trucks and look forward to deploying these vehicles in Chicago. Their unique capabilities give us a real opportunity to take advantage of their energy-efficient operation and at the same time they significantly reduce emissions."

In announcing this new order, Steve Burns, CEO of AMP Holding Inc., said, "We are delighted to be working with Alpha Baking and having our E-GEN trucks on the streets in Chicagoland. The E-GENs set a new standard for the product delivery market and we believe that it will set a new standard for the baking industry, an industry whose local delivery routes are perfectly suited for our E-GEN trucks."

The order is for five Workhorse E-GEN electric trucks to be deployed throughout Alpha Baking's Chicagoland delivery routes, with the potential to add additional trucks to be deployed in additional delivery routes in the Alpha Baking system.

The Workhorse E-GEN truck is the first of its kind: purpose-built for the product and package delivery vehicle market, it offers three times the miles per gallon than typical gasoline-powered bread trucks in use today. The E-GEN power train is unique in that it employs a 2200 nm permanent magnet motor/generator for propulsion plus a 2.4 liter internal combustion engine that turns the electric motor in generator mode to recharge the battery pack when the state of charge reaches a pre-determined level and the vehicle is parked.

The Workhorse E-GEN trucks qualify for incentive funding through the Drive Clean Chicago program designed to make the cost of electric trucks comparable to their gas or diesel counterparts.