The newly released anodized Aluminum Rolling Pin from KMN Home is designed to eliminate all baking woes this spring. The product’s non-stick, stay-cool surface guarantees a perfect rollout every time.

According to the “Best-Tested Pie-Making Tools” from “Good Housekeeping” magazine, “When you’re rolling out pie dough, you want to be able to work as quickly and lightly as possible.” The magazine goes on to explain, “The goal is not to press down so hard that you mash the bits of shortening or take so long that they begin to melt. You also want to avoid adding excess flour, which can toughen the pastry.”

Well-seasoned bakers, however, know that all of this is easier said than done. With the tendency for dough to stick to the rolling pin, not resorting to additional flour becomes a near impossibility. Pry the sticky mess off the pin and start over and over again instead, and the butter is already well into that undesirable melting stage.

To overcome this losing proposition, KMN Home has put the design and innovation it is known for into a new rolling pin that not only produces a perfect rollout every time but is also specifically engineered to prevent butter meltdowns. That is because the aircraft grade aluminum from which the KMN Rolling Pin is crafted enables it to stay incredibly cool after being chilled.

“A good pin has a smooth, stick-resistant surface and enough heft to flatten a ball of dough so you don't have to exert a lot of pressure,” “Good Housekeeping” explains.  It just so happens that the new KMN Rolling Pin hits all of the recommended benchmarks. The slick, sturdy surface produces evenly distributed dough that helps prevent sticking. As a bonus, it is laser engraved with graduated markings in both inches and millimeters to ensure the precisely sized pie crust, pizza dough or cookie batch. As for ergonomics, the KMN Rolling Pin is tapered at both ends to fit snugly yet smoothly inside the hand.

The KMN Rolling Pin comes in two bright springtime colors, blue and red, as well as two sleek neutral colors, slate gray and black. It has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $39.99.

What would become the KMN brand all began in 2005 when a couple of grade school friends got together on Thursday nights to brainstorm product development and start-up projects. A passion for creativity, design, innovation, stellar brand building and life enjoyment lies at the core of the company. KMN’s initial product debut of the DrawerDecor organizing system was a significant achievement in the founders’ efforts to succeed in the world of consumer product design and manufacturing. The drawer organizer’s high design and unique innovation have helped establish KMN as an up-and-coming consumer brand with endless potential. The addition of the anodized aluminum Rolling Pin to KMN Home’s lineup attests to that potential. For additional information about the company, please visit