A popular Traverse City, Michigan, bread company will breathe new life into Reed City’s legendary home for baked goods, according to a Dec. 5 report on cadillacnews.com.

Stone House Bread Company has signed an agreement to lease the former longtime home of Wright’s Bake Shop in the downtown district of Reed City, Michigan.

Wright’s co-owner Karen Wright confirmed that a deal was in place for the gourmet artisan bread company to purchase Wright’s baking equipment and use the property.

Stone House has also agreed to hire many of the Wright’s Bake Shop employees once baking operations are underway.

Stone House Bread owner Tonie Spearing and Wright’s Bake Shop owners Don and Karen Wright and John Hanna recently completed the deal, according to the report.

The current and former owners have been acquaintances for years, and Wright said once Stone House knew that the Reed City bakery was closing its doors, negotiations began.

Stone House, which began in Leland in 1995, supplies restaurants across Michigan with hand-formed loaves, buns and baked goods.

Reed City residents will find all-natural baked goods reminiscent of some of Wright’s favorites, although no fried items will be available. That means scones, muffins and cinnamon rolls will be available, but the legendary fried cinnamon will not.

Another familiar face and custom food creator, Wright’s head baker John Hanna, will also return to the Reed City kitchen.

Part of the kitchen will be used to create the wholesale fresh baked goods for distribution. The bakery will also offer various gourmet breads, hamburger and sub buns, sweets and rolls in the storefront.

Stone House plans to open its doors in Reed City before Christmas.