Gary Gottenbusch, owner of Servatii Pastry Shop & Deli, which has 14 locations in the Cincinnati area, reports that one of the bakery’s stores will be closed for at least a few weeks after a truck on Dec. 2 crashed into the front of the building at Servatii Pastry’s downtown Court Street location.

Video surveillance ( shows an employee serving a customer inside the bakery shortly before a truck abruptly crashes into the front window. Smoke then begins to billow throughout the store.

Ashley Evans, a Servatii employee, was working at the counter when the truck hit the store around 8:50 a.m. “The glass had shattered, smoke had filled the entire bakery then we noticed the truck had crashed through the window. Everyone was panicking,” Evans told a local reporter.

Employees and customers in the store were able to exit without injuries. The driver was taken out of the truck, put in a neck brace and on a stretcher.  Gottenbusch reports there were no injuries from the accident, “which was a miracle in this area at 9 a.m.” The driver evidently had a seizure and didn’t remember what happened.

Gottenbusch, who sent the driver a cookie platter to express concern for his health, said local media outlets are referring to the accident as “Servatii’s new drive-thru” and that the press coverage is actually helping sales. “We will remodel the store, and we still have 13 other stores that benefitted in sales,” he said.