FoxJet (, an ITW company, announces the global launch of their innovative, new Marksman Matrix controller for inkjet printing systems. The Marksman Matrix provides several unique-in-the-industry features, including a 10 inch touch screen that allows on-floor (as well as main office) editing of printed codes and an error-reducing, user-friendly interface at a price point that is competitive with standard inkjet system controllers.

The new technology is ideally suited for use in systems that print alphanumerics, graphics and barcodes onto porous packaging substrates like corrugated boxes for a wide variety of food, beverage, personal care and medical applications.

The color 10 inch touch screen featured on the Marksman Matrix provides enhanced functionality compared to traditional five to seven inch controller screens. Whereas traditional screens require front-office editing, the larger 10 inch size allows for quick, on-floor administrator editing of printed codes. The system is also compatible with front-office editing via Windows Remote Desktop. Additionally, the Marksman matrix can control as many as four printheads on two production lines.

The graphics driven, intuitive user interface on the Marksman Matrix is driven by the highly flexible and feature-rich Windows environment. Unlike many controllers which feature an omnipresent key board that detracts from valuable screen space, the Marksman Matrix keyboard only appears when necessary. The keyboard can quickly be reprogrammed to a wide variety of languages and thanks to the larger screen size- the keyboard (and hence individual keys, font sizes, etc.) is significantly larger than traditional controller keyboards, reducing costly user error by as much as 25%. The bigger screen size also allows users to quickly view complete spatial relationships in 3-D renderings of their package for enhanced user ease.

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