An Eastern European-style baker has bought a building on Allen Street in Buffalo, NY, and plans to open limited hours there in January, according to the Buffalo News.

Barbara Keating is the baker behind Sweet Temptations du Jour, which is taking over 220 Allen St., formerly Lagniappe’s. Her husband Michael is a partner. They bought the building and are renovating it into workspace and a retail store.

“I’m an Eastern European baker, and some of the things I make will be different than anybody sells,” said Keating, who is Croatian and Polish. One such item is an apple strudel in hand-thrown phyllo-style pastry she makes to order. (

Keating has been selling her apple strudel, pies, cookies and more at farmers markets, other events, and occasionally Guercio’s & Sons on Grant Street, for 10 years. Sweet Temptations will start selling at a kiosk in Cheektowaga’s Walden Galleria, as well. The choices there will include sugar waffles dipped in chocolate and nuts or dusted with powdered sugar, and salty chocolate popcorn.

When the Allen Street location opens, hopefully in January, it won’t have the long hours of a traditional retail bakery, she said. It’ll be commuter hours for fresh baked bread and strudel, and probably doughnuts. Depending how walk-in business does at the Allen Street location, said Keating, Sweet Temptations could expand its hours.