Champion Industries, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial warewashing systems, introduces its newest all-digital undercounter high temperature dishwashing machine, the UH330B. This undercounter machine solves two of the biggest problems smaller foodservice operations face: lack of manpower to perform proper scraping and spotty glass and dishware.

The quiet double-walled UH330B directs all the water inside the machine, keeping energy and water consumption at low levels and features StemSure, a soft start to protect glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking.

The Energy Star qualified UH330B offers three cycle options for enhanced cleaning, washing up to 30 racks per hour with 120-second cycle times. This machine is also equipped with 2014 Kitchen Innovation Award-winning Dry Assist technology, a thermal technology that removes excess moisture quickly, accelerates drying time and provides more energy savings on door type machines.

The most unique feature of Champion's patent-pending Dry Assist technology is how it draws cool, dry air up and through the rack of sanitized ware, removing moisture and speeding the drying and turnaround time for dishes. The collected heat and moisture is then recycled back in to the rinse water or removed from the room. This reduces energy consumption and makes the Dry Assist system more cost-effective and faster than conventional warewashing machines.


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