Baked goods, confections, snacks, pasta, and more continue to rise in importance. Ensuring the appearance and palatability of these products requires the right knowledge, technologies and tools. This will become even truer as food manufacturers continue to evolve product lines with additional flavors, new sources of “sweetness,” and products that address allergen concerns to meet consumer demand for functional, healthier options. 

The new METTLER TOLEDO sweets and savory guide will provide best-practice suggestions to enhance testing accuracy and speed. In turn, process improvements can help manufacturers keep customer happy and deliver the kind of enhanced economics that protect profit margins.

As with most food segments, manufacturers  in the snack, pasta and grab-and-go categories are also currently plagued by economic volatility, denser food safety regulations, imminent supply shortages, rising feedstock/energy prices, and changing food-buying behaviors. In this environment, differentiation and relevance to the consumer are critical. This will equate to producers relying even more heavily on new and novel ingredients—which must be tracked, traced and assessed for freshness, safety and quality.

Testing technologies must measure ingredient, batter and batch attributes such as moisture, pH, acidity, Brix, fats and oils specifications and more accurately and repeatedly.

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