Sasa Demarle, the originator in non-stick bake ware, has announced that it will be launching its new range of non-stick coatings for baking and baguette trays, Infinium, for Fall 2014.

Infinium, the quality label for Sasa’s new fluropolymer coatings, offers the expertise of a historical leading supplier and guarantees authentic taste. The new coating solutions ensure the most efficient non-stick properties and durability for all types of processes and productions-including automatic and semi-automatic industrial lines. For use in baking, fermenting, and freezing, the Infinium®, range provides solutions for baguettes, pastries, cakes, cookies, and all types of buns.

“We’re proud to be the top choice for foodservice baking professionals, and we’re pleased to now offer over 500 SKUs to the professional segment. From Flexipan to Silform, and now Infnium, we are excited about the new opportunities that can come from this range.” says Pierre Bonnet, Vice President of Sasa Demarle.

The company was founded in northern France in 1965 by M. Guy Demarle, an experienced baker looking for a better way to make baguette bread.  He invented the first nonstick baguette baking trays with silicone coatings, ushering in a new era in professional and home bakeware.  Then he invented the original Silpat, the eco-friendly silicone baking mat that offers superior stick resistance, even with the most delicate of pastries.

In 1993, the company opened a U.S. office in Cranbury, New Jersey, to bring Silpat to the North American market. In 2000, Sasa Industrie Group merged with Demarle’s parent company in France to form a new global leader in non-stick baking products.

In 2014, the company continues to innovate with the launch of the Infinium range. These products were developed in order to answer customer’s needs; Sasa Demarle’s number one priority.

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