Traditionally a New England treat, Whoopie Pies can be found on the shelves and in bakery cases across America! This simple little chocolate delicacy can be offered as a snack or dessert. For discriminating customers looking for something new, Whoopie Pies fit the bill. We make it simple:

Chocolate Pudding Cake Batter-8 lb. pail (#8304216) is ideal for creating traditional whoopie pies in whatever size you desire - simply change the scoop size. The batter bakes up to rich, moist cake with a tight grain that is ideal for filling. We also have Yellow and Red Velvet cake batters; plus, our muffin batters can be used for unique flavors (i.e. Pistachio).

White Whoopie Pie Creme (#7508421/#7512412) and Chocolate Whoopie Pie Creme (#7503425/#7505425) are perfect for the traditional sweet and fluffy filling. Our White Whoopie Pie Creme readily accepts flavors, colors, icing fruits, etc. so you can create any flavor filling you desire (even Peanut Butter!).

Chocolate Flavored Whoopie Pie & Cake Mix (#6344125) was specially formulated to create perfect whoopie pie shells and is ideal for the baker who prefers a dry mix.

Thaw & Serve Whoopie Pie Shells (#9511207) are the ultimate convenience as they only require assembly to produce delicious, decadent chocolate whoopie pies - thaw, fill and sell!

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