American consumers’ restaurant pizza preferences differ depending on their age, gender and where they live, according to a new study by Culinary Visions Panel. Consumers were presented with the pizza concepts and asked how likely they would be to order them at their favorite restaurant.

Although 76% of the consumers surveyed prefer Meat Lovers Pizza and 71% favor 4-Cheese Pizza, men are more likely to order meat toppings, while women favor pizza with various cheese toppings.

Men list their favorite pizza types as Meat Lovers, Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar and Sausage), Salad (Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan, Creamy Caesar Dressing) and 4-Cheese pizzas, while women are more likely to choose Garden (Whole Wheat Crust, Spinach, Roma Tomatoes, and Red Peppers) and Dessert (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and Fresh Berries) pizzas.

Mozzarella, pepperoni and mushrooms are the top three favorite toppings across the board, but when it comes to meat, consumers list pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon as their top three.