Fall is the second most popular time to have a wedding.

According to www.soundvision.com statistics, 9.6 percent of weddings take place in September and 9.4 percent take place in October. These two months represent the third and fourth most popular months for weddings. They follow June and August as the most popular with 10.8 percent and 10.2 percent respectively.

With two of the top five months for weddings occurring during the fall season, bakeries need to ready themselves for wedding cake business during this time of the year. Many variables factor into the design of wedding cakes, and season is one them.


One trend that will certainly permeate the fall wedding season this year comes in the form of artistic painting on cakes with watercolor. In the hands of a creative person, painting a wedding cake with watercolors will grab the attention of every guest. Using softer, muted colors follows a fall color scheme while still allowing decorators the freedom to express themselves freely and still give the bride and groom a beautiful and traditional cake.

geometric cake
Philly Cake Maker in Philadelphia uses geometric patterns in this wedding cake. Source: Ruffledblog.com  

Interior and fashion designers have begun to incorporate geometric patterns and design elements and wedding cakes will inevitably follow. Shapes, stripes, etc., will all have play in this fall’s wedding cake options. Decorators can cut out and use fondant shapes easily to create beautiful, hip cake designs.

Something way out of the box to think about this year is the no-cake wedding cake. While it might not prove effective for everyone, all over the country, all the time, there might be a market for it. Bakeries can make “cakes” with materials that range from stacks of pancakes, Rice Krispies, cheese, or anything that might sell. 


Bakery decorators and coordinators can draw from the fashion world when they present colors and ideas to prospective clients. Fashion trends dictate color schemes for weddings and having knowledge of that will work in the bakery’s favor when trying to sell customers on its cake services. Pantone’s top 10 colors for men’s and women’s fashion this fall are Stormy Weather, Dried Herb, Biscay Bay, Cashmere Rose, Reflecting Pond, Oak Buff, Marsala, Cadmium Orange, Desert Sage and Amethyst Orchid.
This year’s Fashion Color Report for fall from the Pantone Color Institute states that earthy neutrals with bold colors and patterns evoke nature, warmth and security. "Juxtaposition of color from opposite sides of the spectrum emphasizes poise and confidence on the runway,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "The Fall 2015 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion; it is the first time we are seeing a truly unisex color palette."

To view this year’s fall color palette, visit Pantone's website