As consumers express concern about azodicarbonamide (ADA), bakeries are looking for ways to eliminate the food additive while still producing the fresh, soft, great-tasting baked goods consumers want.

“Although ADA is an approved additive, some consumers have concerns about ADA in products,” says Ricardo Moreira, Category Manager, Corbion Caravan. “Im-Prove 200 No ADA from Corbion Caravan allows dough to develop faster without ADA and increases the dough strength.”

Moreira says Im-Prove 200 No ADA also shortens fermentation and mixing times, lowers friction, and allows for better temperature control. As a result, producers can optimize dough production and reduce variability from batch to batch. Im-Prove 200 No ADA also adds versatility: It works well in a variety of applications, including pan breads, artisan breads, and Hispanic buns and rolls.

“Im-Prove 200 No ADA is a great way to produce tasty baked goods that don’t contain ADA,” says Moreira. “It satisfies consumer demands, while still producing fresh, soft breads and rolls that consistently pass the squeeze test.”