Chocolate Masters, part of the Barry Callebaut Group and known as the specialist in the production and sale of chocolate and cocoa-based decorations, now fully supports the Quality Partner Program (QPP) for its entire product portfolio.

Partnering for Sustainable Cocoa Cultivation

Barry Callebaut is convinced that the future of chocolate is closely linked with that of cocoa farmers. Therefore, in 2005, the company launched its own Quality Partner Program (QPP) in Côte d'Ivoire, aiming to secure the production of sustainably grown cocoa. In 2010, this program has been expanded to Cameroon. Barry Callebaut works in partnership with farmers and farmer organizations to boost farm productivity, as well as to help address basic education and health needs in rural communities. 

QPP aims to improve cocoa cultivation in distinct ways, through farmer training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and in the usage of sustainable production methods. QPP also works toward improving the overall quality of life of cocoa farmers and their families by offering opportunities to increase earnings, as well as through improved access to safe water and education.

Chocolate and Cocoa-based Decorations
Chocolate Masters offers a range of chocolate and cocoa-based decorations and a full range of special collections from seasonal celebrations (such as the Christmas collection) up to colorful marzipan decorations. The Chocolate Masters collection is a source of creative, decorative ideas and inspiration for each food professional - be it for the industrial food manufacturers but also for artisanal chocolate producers. 

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