The Grant J. Hunt Company is looking forward to the 2014 Italian Prune season which will start as early as July 25th, a week to 10 days earlier than a typical year. Fresh Italian Prunes are popular throughout North America, and have an especially loyal following in the Northeast, Florida, Toronto, Montreal, California, Chicago and Texas.

Blue Goose Italian Prunes are a seasonal item and are available for about 6 weeks as a fresh produce item. They are great for jams, cakes, other baked goods and are very popular with bakeries throughout the country during their short season. When Italian Prunes are cooked, the yellow flesh turns into a gorgeous pink/red color. They can also be eaten fresh-out-of-hand.


There are several different pack sizes available including a 30 lb bulk box, 5 lb clamshells, 3lb clamshells and 2 lb bags. A standup pouch bag which has been popular in the grape and cherry industries will also be introduced in the 2014 season.

According to Director of Marketing, Eric Patrick, “Italian Prunes are what I’d call a niche item with a loyal following. The Blue Goose label is the best known Italian Prune label and we will start receiving calls in early July wondering when our season begins. The introduction of clamshells and 2 lb bags has helped create a new generation of Italian Prune fans. Serious bakers and bakeries mark their calendars for the start of the Italian Prune season so they can create their wonderful desserts during the 6-week season.”

Empress and President Plums start a couple of weeks after the Italian Prune season begins. These delicious plums are larger than Italian Prunes although similar in color and shape. They are also a seasonal item, and are available for 4-6 weeks.

For more information on Italian Prunes and Empress/President Plums, contact Eric Patrick atepatrick@gjhco.comor visit their website at