Land O’Lakes Ingredients announced the addition of Sea-Salted Caramel to its line of dairy seasonings, bringing the taste of America’s leading butter brand to the popular consumer flavor. A rich, LAND O LAKES® butter powder base mixed with sweet caramel and sea salt flavor gives this dairy seasoning a distinct and wholesome flavor. Food manufacturers will be able to utilize Sea-Salted Caramel in a variety of ingredient applications including snacks, sauces and dips.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in the popularity of sweet and salty flavors,” comments Jim Jarman, marketing and sales leader for the Ingredients team at Land O’Lakes. “The sea salt and caramel flavor combination is at the forefront of this trend, and we saw the opportunity to enhance the combination using our expertise in dairy flavors and rich butter heritage.” He adds, “Our Sea-Salted Caramel delivers a sweet and creamy butter flavor consumers will crave.”

Sea-Salted Caramel demonstrates Land O’Lakes’ expertise in dairy-based ingredients, which includes cheese powders and seasonings, cheeses, milk powders, butter and whey. Land O’Lakes Ingredients continues to develop popular flavors for its Focus on Flavor program, which provides information on new Land O’Lakes Ingredients products as well as industry insight. By partnering with customers to develop customized formulations, Land O’Lakes Ingredients creates a wide variety of flavors with proven consumer appeal for a range of snack applications.