The bakery specialists at Swiss Colony Retail Brands didn’t have a cranium cramp when they masterminded a new mini cake creation that will wow kids and bring back sweet memories for adults. New ICEE Cake Bites are both colorful and pumped with flavor.

Three classic frozen drink flavors will be available in the little desserts for the retail channel - Lemon, Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Each layered cake reveals vibrant colors inside that match the flavor profile. Each 9-count box with window features the iconic ICEE polar bear. Shippers are available, as well as a new floor stand which could be used by an ICEE dispenser in a grocery or convenience store, or even a movie theater.

Suggested retail price is $5.99 per box.

“Our goal is to bring unexpected flavors to traditional desserts, like our famous Petits Fours,” says Lisa Christiansen, Brand Manager for The Swiss Colony.  “Partnering with other nostalgic brands adds excitement and relevance to the dessert category.”

The ICEE Mini Cakes will be featured at Swiss Colony’s booth #266 during the upcoming Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, May 20 - 22. Cases of 12 can be ordered and shipped now. To order, contact Clyde Mercer, National Sales Manager at 608-426-0821,