From carving to sculpting, the uses of modeling chocolate are boundless. At a recent Deep South RBA workshop in Baton Rouge, award-winning sugar artist Bronwen Weber demonstrated a few tips and tricks.

One great thing about chocolate—especially for Weber, who loves texture and metallics—is that it accepts dusts very well. One of Weber's favorites is a chocolate rose with a dusting of gold luster. Another is white chocolate with pink dust.

And chocolate is a great medium for sculpting items because it works similar to a puddy, and it stays firm. "You couldn't take a wad of fondant and just sculpt a dog," Weber says. "And the best thing is that you can leave it and come back, and it stays in tact."

You can also use modeling chocolate as a skeletal structure when sculpting a cake. It works just as well as (if not better than, some may say) rice cereal treats.

Room temperature is the best way to use modeling chocolate. Think of room temperature as 72 degrees.