Kathy's Kountry Kupboard, a wholesale bakery, officially opened for business in Bellville, OH, in December. Owner Kathy Fry got her start by baking goods for local farmers markets and local stores.

Encouraged by her husband, Fry started her baking business in her kitchen, which expanded into her entire downstairs. As she brought her baked goods to local farmers markets, other county markets and small supermarkets began to take notice. Fry took orders, and her business took off. Her bakery is now official, and it occupies most of the family barn. That is where she and her daughter bakes their breads, pies, pecan rolls, and other baked goods.

Most of the advertising for Kathy's Kountry Kupboard is done via customers' word-of-mouth. For more information about this new bakery, search Kathy’s Kountry Kupboard on Facebook.