Vosges Chocolates will soon release a variety of Hunger Games chocolate bars to coincide with the upcoming release of the Hunger Games movie sequel. The chocolate company created 33 new chocolate recipes in four months for the product.

One line features 12 chocolate bars—one for each of the 12 fictional districts of Panem that are described in the books turned movies. Each $4 chocolate bar is flavored based on what that district produces. For example, the District 12 bar contains mined salt and milk chocolate in a nod to that district’s mining industry, and the Disctrict 10 bar combines beef jerky and smoked mesquite in milk chocolate because that district produces livestock.

Another line includes character-themed chocolate bars, including a Katniss and a President Snow. And there’s even a Capitol Truffle Collection that sells for $225.

The Hunger Games deal marks the first license for Vosges Chocolates in its 15 years in business. Six of the Panem district chocolate bars will be available when the sequel hits the big screen, with the rest of the products set to hit shelves in March to coincide with the DVD release. The Hunger Games chocolates will be available at Walgreens, Safeway stores, and local retailers around the country.