The Piping Gourmets have cleverly taken their Ready. Set. Cupcake! GFCO certified gluten free & dairy free cake batters and added their own vegan frosting to create gluten free whoopie pies by The Piping Gourmets, a new tasty line of iconic American desserts.

"Our line of frozen dessert products focuses on delivering top attributes sought by today's consumers: gluten free, dairy free, certified vegan and kosher and Non GMO," says Carolyn Shulevitz, co-founder of The Piping Gourmets. "We are aiming to meet the market's demand for quality, gluten free and dairy free desserts that have a healthier profile, yet are delicious and fun too!" Created as a dessert for the growing number of people who have Celiac disease, gluten sensitivities or dairy intolerances, whoopie pies by The Piping Gourmets is a scrumptious new offering.

The Piping Gourmets are well positioned as they expand into the gluten free and kosher dessert categories, currently two of the largest growing consumer markets.

Gluten free whoopie pies by The Piping Gourmets launched Sept. 14, 2013 with five fabulous flavors: chocolate-vanilla, chocolate-mint, chocolate-raspberry, classic vanilla and vanilla-lemon! Available in the grocer's frozen dessert aisle and gluten free freezer doors - look for them first in the Whole Foods Market Florida region.

Ready. Set. Cupcake! by The Piping Gourmets, a line of ready to use, all natural frozen cake batters and buttercream frostings, is winner of Best Product by Own It Ventures Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 and has new distribution in the Whole Foods Market, Mid-Atlantic region.