Moffat Inc. introduces its new portable convection oven for the North American market, the E33.  The E33 brings convenience and professional quality convection cooking to smaller venues and footprints including food trucks, QSR, fast casual, convenience and stadium venues.   

Along with the winning combination of two-speed fan cooking and carefully balanced moisture management, the portable E33 is incredibly easy to use and has a stay-cool exterior, an ideal attribute in the tight environment of a modern kitchen.  At a compact 24” (610mm) wide footprint the, E33 delivers a substantial five half size sheet pan capacity with 31/3” (85mm) tray spacing. “We’re continuing Moffat’s product innovation with our next generation of convection ovens, says PJ Joy, VP of sales, Moffat, Inc.”  “By building on our history of high-quality engineering that made our brand a success for years and adapting to today’s commercial kitchen environments, we are able to create high performance, cost effective, energy efficient new products.”

Moffat’s high performance bi-directional reversing fan system has been improved for the new E33 models with the introduction of two fan speeds for greater control and 5.8kW of heating power means fast, efficient, cooking capability. 

The five-level moisture injection mode reduces shrinkage and ensures even the most difficult of dishes can be kept from drying out.  The moister injection mode does not require drainage, making installation simple. 

A touch screen control features manual and pre-programmed operating modes, individual shelf control, multi-stage cooking and an optional core temperature probe.  The icon-driven menu makes for uncomplicated training of staff, and consistent quality.  The USB-compatible touch screen model makes uploading and downloading of product menu programs on multiple units easy and consistent.

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