In early 2005, Vicki Sigg created a crystal monogram cake topper business after crafting one for her own wedding on April 23 of that year. When she didn't find the kind of elegantly crafted piece of metal she was looking for, she decided to make one for herself, and Toppers With Glitz was born.

It wasn't long until she was training Sari Watkins, who took over the business in August 2005, to help her fulfill the surge of orders that were coming in. Now Sari and her husband Marcus are celebrating five years as the leading crystal monogram cake topper business, and later this year they'll be celebrating five years as husband and wife.

Toppers With Glitz began at a time when no one else was making a product quite like this. That's why Vicki Sigg decided to start a business designing and creating just what she was looking for: a unique cake topper other than the typical bride and groom or acrylic heart. When Sari found Vicki in an online forum that year, she was looking for a wedding cake topper that was elegant, glamorous, sophisticated and timeless, but with a modern edge. In August 2005 Sari started working for Vicki, and it quickly became apparent that they shared the same dedication to quality.

When Vicki decided it was time to start focusing on her family, it was an obvious decision that Sari should acquire Toppers With Glitz. On October 1, 2005, which was also Sari and her husband Marcus' wedding day, she took over the business. The couple has been leading the crystal monogram cake toppers industry ever since. They've been doing this longer than any of their competitors, and Sari continues to custom-make each piece to perfection.

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