When Jeff Martin began baking a select line of gourmet cupcakes in the Kansas City suburbs in 2008, little did he know that just a few short years later his brand, Smallcakes: A Cupcakery, would become a growing network of cupcakeries nationwide.

“Smallcakes has experienced tremendous growth in new markets over the past few years, and we are excited to be opening a number of locations in the months to come,” says Martin, who founded Smallcakes with his wife Brandy.

With new locations set to for Albuquerque, New Mexico; Corpus Christi, Dallas/Fort Worth, and San Antonio, Texas; Lone Tree, Colorado; Naperville, Illinois; Thomasville and Villa Rica, Georgia; and Liberty and St. Joe, Missouri, Smallcakes will soon have more than 45 locations open and serving a decadent menu of cupcakes and gourmet bakery goods.

“Our main focus is simple – bake delicious cupcakes fresh every day,” explains Martin. “We pride ourselves on delivering quality and consistency, and it has given us the staying power to flourish in spite of economic ups and downs and perceptions about the changing trends of the dessert industry.”

With more than 80 different flavor combinations, Martin and a group of bakers are constantly developing recipes to launch seasonal and specialty cupcakes across the cupcakery locations. In addition to cupcakes, Smallcakes offers whoopie pies, cookies and cookie sandwiches, cupcake milkshakes, and a gourmet blend of Smallcakes Cupcake coffee.

Martin adds, “Our dynamic menu keeps cupcakes fun and exciting for customers. While we offer a wide range of signature flavors daily, our cupcakeries feature specialty flavors on a rotating basis so customers can be introduced to new flavors and old favorites year round.”

To find a Smallcakes location or to learn about franchising opportunities, visit www.smallcakescupcakery.com.