At this year's IBIE in Las Vegas from Oct. 6-9 2013, MIWE will be presenting the next generation of rack oven, MIWE roll-in e+ version 2, which is extremely popular on the North American market. One of the main focus points at the MIWE booth will be in-shop ovens because the MIWE econo and the MIWE condo, the "European classics", have been particularly successful in establishing themselves on the US market. MIWE and its subsidiaries in America and Canada will present a new "integrated loader" for the MIWE condo range of deck ovens which will be sure to enhance the already successful MIWE condo in this market.

MIWE America has been in operation in the US since the end of 1999 and has successfully established the brand in its market. Previously, many users already knew MIWE as a quality manufacturer in Canada. The MIWE product range encompasses the full range of baking ovens including small in-store convection ovens, electric and gas deck ovens, rack ovens, and automated baking systems. The company also offers very specialized proofing and dough conditioning equipment. The focus has been the baking segment as well as the supermarket and foodservice baking segments. In all 3 segments the company can be proud of listing a broad range of well-known companies as clients. Major, high class supermarket chains have been using MIWE rack ovens and the MIWE condo range of ovens for years with great success. On the foodservice side the MIWE aero, MIWE econo and condo are hard at work at various chains, hotels and restaurants nationwide.

"We are proud that we are well-known here and have gained a well-respected reputation in the marketplaces of Canada and the US", says Harry Jacoby, President MIWE America LLC together with Ben Garisto, President of MIWE Canada Inc..

As different as concepts for shops are in the details - one thing is always at the heart of the matter: the right oven. Everything revolves around it. The investment only makes sense if the oven fits the concept perfectly. MIWE is at home in all these worlds, making it the right system partner when it comes to designing individual shop baking environments.

At IBIE we will be presenting various shop baking environments live and in detail. A Wenz 1919 brings emotion and authentic style to in-store baking and bakers of snacks will be impressed with the "freshfood" offered by the three oven system of the MIWE cube. We will also be exhibiting the MIWE econo which is freely combinable and can also be combined with MIWE condo to build a MIWE backcombi in different variations.

Some things have changed about the MIWE condo as well. For one thing, the proofing cabinet has been completely redesigned in line with the principles of hygienic design, with a rounded stainless steel inner chamber with no superfluous grooves and edges. It is also available for the MIWE econo. Touch control MIWE TC is also being introduced for the MIWE condo with a flat and easy-to-clean glass display. And finally, the new door design of the MIWE condo can be easily locked into place for cleaning purposes, and the interior side can also be easily washed. The baking chamber is also protected from any cleaning water running in.

MIWE baking ovens. You have the choice: convection, thermal oil technology or hot gas circulation.

There's a good reason that MIWE offers the entire range of oven technologies. It's the only way to provide every baker with the oven they need to achieve the individual characteristics of baked products they desire.

The MIWE thermo-static wagon oven makes its appearance at IBIE with a further improved steam device, for which a patent application has been submitted, that creates a more saturated, even steam and also recovers faster. At the same time, de-steaming performance has also been improved, which means that any steam pockets can now be more quickly and thoroughly removed.

MIWE roll-in e+ combines energy efficiency and perfect baking capacity. Baking at the highest level, with the greatest possible flexibility, while accomplishing real savings in energy costs – all this is provided by the extraordinary performance of the new roll-in e+, an oven that has become successful all over the world.

Here are some technical facts and figures. With 9 stages, MIWE aircontrol circulates 30% more air volume, with more sensitivity than ever before. Heating gas conduction (patent pending) with an additional flue gas channel on the back wall serves as a steam heating system which contributes to significantly less energy consumption and enhances the uniformity of the baking result. Combustion efficiency is more than 90%, and the outlet temperature of the dissipated flue gas lies below the baking chamber temperature of up to 122° Fahrenheit. A new and equally energetically advantageous feature is the optional heat storage wall, which gives the oven better heat storage thanks to increased mass, ensuring fast baking readiness and continuous maximum steam performance, even when baking batch-after-batch. Moreover, the new MIWE roll-in e+ is at your disposal in addition to the still currently available MIWE roll-in for gas and oil heating, for a standard US double rack. The roll-in is available with the fixed program control, MIWE FP, or the new MIWE TC Touch Screen display.

For years we have offered powerful bakery refrigeration units – from modest storage cells to the MIWE GVA universal environmental chamber, with ready-made standard components or customer-specific individual developments. MIWE smart engineering and MIWE energy make it possible for us to now plan and implement complete refrigeration concepts for bakehouses that integrate ideally into the entire production concept from both a technological and energy standpoint. The original MIWE GVA automatic proofing machine has always been one of the most energy-efficient and precisely controllable universal climatic chambers in the bakehouse, especially when combined with the MIWE TC control system and the energy package. With the new MIWE GVA e+, we have made a range of technical improvements (e.g., to motors, valves or lamps) that integrate the logic of the MIWE TC control system into this innovative package, resulting in even further energy savings. Energy yield has been increased by 10%, while the coefficient of performance (COP value) has been boosted by 13%. Our developers call this new control system EVAC. While less important in our view than the technical details, the new system reduces CO2 emissions by 10 % compared to the previous model.

Energy and its efficient use in the bakehouse have been in focus at MIWE for years. Individual components or even complete systems are designed according to specific requirements. The most important energy efficient heat recovery components for bakehouses will be on display at the IBIE:

The MIWE eco:nova – the dedicated heat recovery system for baking ovens that achieves very high recovery values by separating flue gas and steam.

Most important advantages: Central system, can be used for a variety of baking ovens Highest level of efficiency overall thanks to the separation of flue gas and steam. Recovers an average of one fourth of the energy consumed for baking this corresponds to a system efficiency of up to 37%

The MIWE eco:box – the heat recovery system for flue gas with a generously proportioned heat exchanger

Most important advantages: Very good price/performance ratio 70% of the flue gas heat that escapes is recovered as thermal energy Heat absorption and thus cooling of flue gas to under 90°C possible Quick and easy installation thanks to compact design and intelligent connection solution.