Walkers Shortbread, the family owned bakery from the Scottish Highlands, has unveiled a chocolate version of their successful Scottie Dog Shortbread Cookie.  This new, whimsical cookie is made of genuine Belgian chocolate and fresh creamery butter, and will have chocoholics appreciating not only the gourmet taste but also the cause to which it contributes.

Each sale of the Scottie Dog Shortbread cookies will help to support the animal welfare initiatives of the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ®) as a portion of each sale is donated to the organization.  By year’s end, Walkers will have donated a minimum of $50,000 to the animal welfare group.

The Chocolate Scottie Dog Shortbread cookies are made of only five ingredients and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings, genetically modified ingredients, or additives of any kind.