Three Brothers Bakery in Houston featured an impressive list of delicious treats perfect for Fourth of July weekend celebration. From hamburger and hotdog buns for backyard gathering to cakes, pies and cupcakes that will make customers see fireworks, Three Brothers Bakery has it all.

Recognized for its exceptional cupcakes, Three Brothers Bakery encourages its customers to bring the family together and arrange a fun, unique tribute to the American flag with the bakery’s selection of red, white and blue treats. Celebratory cupcakes can light up any 4th of July gathering and bring a splash of imagination to the hot Houston summer.

In addition to selling red, white and blue cupcakes, Three Brothers Bakery recommends pies and breads for the summer holiday season. They offer classic apple, cherry or pecan pies, any of which are perfect for this all-American weekend and are, as always, made completely from scratch.

As a bakery that revolves around family, Three Brothers will be offering a baker’s dozen to customers, encouraging an attitude of the more the merrier for Independence Day gatherings.

“My family came to the United States from Poland, and while we are incredibly proud of that heritage, we are also so proud to be Americans,” said Bobby Jucker, fifth generation baker and co-owner. “The 4th of July is a fun holiday that promotes bringing together family and friends. We encourage all of our customers to do just that, and remember to thank those that so bravely serve our country.”