Anchor Packaging, Inc. announces the addition of a new 16 ounce polypropylene container and lid designed to maximize performance and minimize cost. Food looks fresh and appealing in this upscale alternative to foam and paper packages.  Sized perfectly to fit market trends for smaller portion sizes and the increased demand for finger foods and snacks, this versatile package works well for hot foods held under heat lamps, chilled ready-to-heat in the microwave items, and assorted cold food applications.

As food prices continue to rise, operators look for ways to reduce costs with new food options, refreshed recipes and reduced portions.  The new M616 from Anchor offers a table-ready presentation making the new menu items stand out at a price that creates additional profits.  Made with renewable mineral additives that reduce the use of petroleum based polypropylene resin up to 40%, this strong and durable, black base is resistant to grease and oils and withstands temperatures up to 230°F.

Clear, anti-fog polypropylene lids keep food visible to avoid errors and increase impulse sales with a leak resistant closure to prevent messy spills.  Lids stay securely in place during handling and transport and a single package for hot and cold foods reduces SKUs and inventory costs.

Designed for operator efficiency to package a wide variety of entrees and side dishes, the M616 is also dishwasher safe for consumer convenience and is eligible to be recycled after multiple uses. Versatile and resilient with performance at a price you won’t believe.

Anchor Packaging’s products also include upscale take-out packaging used for merchandising prepared ready-to-heat meals in supermarkets and take-out meals in restaurants and other foodservice operations. The Roaster™ Series, Incredi-Bowls®, Culinary Classics®, Culinary Basics®, Mega-Meal™, MicroRaves®, MicroRounds™, Gourmet Classics™, Microlite®, BonFaire®, Crystal Clear™, Crystal Classics®, and AnchorFoil™ are among Anchor’s unique product lines that also include foil and film. Custom package design and manufacture is provided for many large food companies in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.