The Gluten-Free Certification Organization now certifies products from Didion Milling as gluten-free, the company says June 19. Didion Milling provides corn ingredients, which are naturally gluten-free, unlike wheat, rye and barley.

“Gluten-free foods are important to consumers with celiac disease or for those consumers that simply choose to avoid gluten in their diets,” says John Deininger, quality assurance manager at Cambria-based Didion Milling. “By earning the gluten-free certification, we will be able to provide corn ingredients to new and existing customers that serve this growing marketing segment.”

John Didion, chief executive officer, says, “We focus on adding value to corn. That reduces the risk of cross-contamination because we don’t process any grains with gluten in our facility.”

Based in Auburn, Wash., the Gluten-Free Certification Organization uses an advisory scientific and business board to develop and review program standards, processes and procedures. As of February of this year, the GFCO was certifying 13,000 products sold in five countries.