The first new television advertising campaign in more than two years from Coco's Bakery Restaurant portrays farm animals performing an odd mix of admirable behavior and good deeds to underscore the fact that there are "good" animals - and then there are really "gooood" ones that can be enjoyed at the popular dining chain.

The ad campaign, which began airing this past week, is appearing on San Diego and Los Angeles area TV stations. An online and collateral campaign will commence soon after. The campaign was created by DeVito/Verdi West, the West Coast arm of the award-winning New York agency DeVito/Verdi, which was awarded the Coco's assignment last month.

The primary message across the campaign is that Coco's serves only the best quality and fresh ingredients, thereby making its food 'gooood.' Its Angus beef is free of added steroids or hormones, and natural turkey and chicken are used in their respective meals.

In one of the new television commercials, an Angus steer casually trips a mugger fleeing the scene of a crime. A second spot shows a quick-thinking chicken saving a man from choking by pouncing on his chest to dislodge a grape, and a third one features a courteous turkey extending a helpful wing to keep an elevator door open for a harried woman.

After each animal's good deed, the voiceover recognizes each as a "Good beef," "Good chicken" or "Good turkey" before viewers are shown what a "Gooood" beef (or chicken or turkey) looks like at Coco's. Each spot showcases a different menu item: the Coco's Prime Rib BBQ Burger, the Spicy Asian Chicken Salad, and the Turkey Croissant Sandwich.

"These commercials will show the high quality offerings of Coco's, not to mention a restaurant that uses better ingredients and better cooking methods than one would think," says Keith Marron of Coco's. "We also wanted to focus attention on our famed pies, so you'll see a constant pie messaging in each, because, quite honestly, what's a delicious lunch without a great-tasting pie to top it off."

The new campaign can be viewed by contacting

Each spot ends with a value price offer of the highlighted dish, along with a side or two, and a slice of Coco's pie for $8.99.

Currently, there are 112 Coco's restaurants throughout Southern California and parts of Arizona and Nevada. This is the first assignment DeVito/Verdi West on behalf of the restaurant chain.

Coco's Bakery Restaurant traces its heritage back to 1948 and the establishment of a small seaside shack along the Pacific Coast Highway in Corona de Mar, called The Snack Shop. That little restaurant slowly grew to more and more outposts along the coast, and eventually became Coco's, specializing in traditional American favorites and delicious bakery items. Today, Coco's is part of Catalina Restaurant Group, which is a wholly owned by Zensho Holding Co., LTD., one of the largest restaurant companies in the world.