The Franke FoamMaster is the new premium class among coffee machines and a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations 2013 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show. From classic coffees to latte specialties, and now, new cold foam milk beverages, this all-encompassing superautomatic is unbelievably versatile. A specialty coffee drink can quickly and easily be selected from the beverage program on the intuitive touchscreen menu and adjusted to fit specific needs at any time.

So what is it that that sets the FoamMaster apart from other premium coffee machines? In a revolutionary step forward, the FoamMaster introduces intuitive touchscreen technology to the world of coffee; making it possible to easily, efficiently and flexibly configure the operation of the device. The menu navigation and visuals on the 10.4 inch touchscreen entice customers with a series of eye-catching images and make it possible for a simple order to be turned into an enjoyable conversation, while ensuring an efficient service period.

In addition to its impressive operating system, the FoamMaster provides limitless options for coffee drinks with milk foam and flavor. Care for a fruity drink on the rocks or a perfect latte macchiato? Thanks to the milk processing system for hot and cold foam, the chocolate dispenser and the flavor station, for three different syrup varieties - the FoamMaster will provide any imaginable coffee drink.

And, just when you thought the FoamMaster could not get any better, its jet black, high gloss finish and timelessly modern design both underline not only a sense of high quality but a feeling of unburdened ease and endless possibility. The FoamMaster™ manages to accommodate its full expertise in a single unit, and its elegant style adds the finishing touch to any interior.