Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. announced the opening of a new retail location in Lakewood, Colo. The company officially welcomed the community to this new coffeehouse at 14630 West Colfax Avenue on Saturday, May 25, 2013, joining 11 other Caribou coffeehouses in the Denver area.

Like all Caribou locations, the new coffeehouse offers the signature high-quality handcrafted beverages, food and lifestyle items that Caribou Coffee is known for, such as 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffees and espresso, wholesome breakfast offerings, and an array of delicious blended drinks. The comfortable and cozy coffeehouse will also feature decor inspired by the surrounding area: located right at the foothills of the Green Mountains, the coffeehouse features a community table, rustic light fixtures, and an outdoor space where guests can enjoy their coffee and the neighborhood.

"We are excited to continue to serve our fans in the Denver area and welcome new guests with this newest location," says Alfredo Martel, senior vice president of marketing and product management. "We look forward to introducing members of this community to Caribou with our premium beverages, welcoming baristas and signature Caribou atmosphere."

This month, guests who visit Caribou's new location and all Caribou coffeehouses can also enjoy the company's newest offerings just introduced for summer. Earlier this month, Caribou launched its new line of Lite Sparkling Teas and Juices, all made with real fruit and tea and featuring half the amount of calories. The new delicious and refreshing lite drinks, available in four flavors – Green Tea Lemonade, Peach Black Tea, Lemon Ginger Pomegranate and the limited-time, Apple Raspberry – are now available for fans as they gear up for the warmer months.