Entenmann's Bakery, a Bimbo Bakeries USA company, celebrated the 40th birthday of their Rich Frosted Donut on Jan. 31. Fanatics have been enjoying the donut since his introduction along with the many variations of his offspring.

Rich was created in 1972 in Entenmann's Bay Shore Bakery and after 32 joyous years in Long Island, Rich decided it was time for a move and landed in the Entenmann's bakery in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Throughout his life, Rich has always been a popular donut; in fact, he has been Entenmann's number one seller since his birth. 

He is also the Proud Papa of various types of rich frosted Entenmann's donuts, such as the Rich Frosted Pop'Ems and Rich Frosted Mini Donuts.  Rich's 40th birthday also marks the 400,000,000 Rich Frosted Donut to come off the production line in his home of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

To celebrate these exciting milestones, Entenmann's held a birthday party for Rich, who was on-hand, in their Carlisle bakery with a Rich Frosted 40th Birthday cake for all employees to enjoy and presented Perry Heath, President of the Borough of Carlisle, with the very valued 'Donut to the City.'  Entenmann's also received a Proclamation from the city of Carlisle in recognition of their extraordinary achievement of 400,000,000 Rich Frosted donuts.