You’ve frosted, you’ve dipped, you’ve drizzled and you’ve layered. You need that little something extra to put this mouth-watering masterpiece over the top...literally! A finisher or chocolate enrober will do just that. For most reasons we love chocolate, we visualize why it's an important investment to add value to a cake. Covering a cake with pourable chocolate ganache is an easy way to give desserts an elegant finish and enhance their value.

Pastry chefs are proficiently trained to work with fondants, but when bakeries are running at high production rates, this task can be labor-intensive and extremely messy. The perfectly adapted fluidity of your products will give you a fine, crispy coating around your center or filling—choosing the perfect combination with a coating is your craftsmanship—finding the right equipment is another story.

Enrobers for chocolate have been used for many years, but these have mainly been machines suitable for large-scale production. In recent years, many machines have been introduced for smaller units, while those suitable for fondant work are now available and are most efficient and economical. These machines have made it possible to produce fondant-dipped fancies and gateaux at more competitive prices with limited skilled labor. Some of these machines are all-purpose for covering cakes, biscuits and confectionary centers; others are for bottoming biscuits or cakes only. They are thermostatically controlled and fitted with multi-speed gear boxes or PLC-driven systems.

Unifiller is at the pinnacle of this technology. They have designed the “Enrober”—simply said in the name—to gently enrobe or string iced products with chocolate, fondants, caramel and other warm liquid-type coatings. The Unifiller Enrober / String Icer will coat or string iced cakes, cookies and other pastries as they move down a stainless steel wire belt conveyor. The Enrober consists of a large tank with thermostatically controlled heater and can be adjusted for single or double curtain layers. For cleaning, the conveyor and distributor can easily be removed and the whole machine washed without difficulty.