Not every shopper enters your store with the intention of spending hundreds of dollars on a sculpted cake. An extravagant cake may be beyond the budget of the average shopper, as well as more food than needed for the event. Decorating miniaturized specialty and sculpted cakes is a great way to cater to shoppers looking for something slightly high-end and special for a group of two to three people. Thanks to the popularity of sculpted cakes on television, consumers are looking for cakes that are exciting and exotic.

Sculpted mini cakes offer the fun and creative aspects of the specialty cakes seen on television, yet they are more affordable to build, require fewer resources, and considerably less labor. These can be single tiered round cakes or shaped in various ways. Most importantly, you should carefully balance the time you dedicate to decorating the cake with the actual price of the cake.

Caked Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV sells mini sculpted cakes, mostly covered in fondant and designed with a cute style or theme. Some of the bakery’s most popular mini cakes are cute ghost cakes and cakes shaped as stacks of cash.

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