With indulgent holiday feasting behind us and spring right around the corner, la Madeleine Country French Café is introducing a new entrée to its robust Smart Choices menu.

Salmon and French Lentils (available now through March 19) $9.99              

Savoury and healthy roasted salmon fillet paired with French lentils, seasoned with celery, thyme, kale, tomatoes, onions and roasted garlic.                             

La Madeleine offers more than 15 satisfying and delicious Smart Choices selections for all meals year-round, each less than 600 calories. Smart Choices favorites include Chicken la Madeleine, Mediterranean Paella, Smart Choices Omelette, Smart Choices Salade Sampler, Shrimp and Tilapia Provençal and Tilapia Rustique.       

La Madeleine is also adding tempting new items to its breakfast and dessert offerings for 2013.

Eggs Benedict Normandy $7.49

Two perfectly poached eggs with roasted red and yellow tomatoes and crisp bacon served with hollandaise sauce on a flaky croissant.                                                                              

Mini Chocolate Almond Tart (available now through March 19) $1.79  

A mini tart filled with delicious vanilla crème topped with rich chocolate ganache and crushed almonds.

Dallas-based la Madeleine Country French Café was established in 1983 by self-described “French country boy” Patrick Esquerré to fulfill his dream of bringing classic French country fare to America. Inspired by his mother’s cooking, Patrick insisted on maintaining the integrity of French cuisine by using fresh ingredients and recipes that have been passed from one generation to the next. Today, there are more than 60 la Madeleine cafés across Texas, Georgia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arizona. For more information on menu items, café locations and hours of operation, visit www.lamadeleine.com.