Say you've finished a beautifully colored fondant cake, and you're just about ready to clean up your work station. What do you you do with all those colorful scraps? Scrap them? Not so fast! Before you sweep everything into the garbage, take a look at this technique from Vanessa Greeley, who passes on the insight from her friend and colleague, award-winning sugar artist Colette Peters.

  Take all the colored scraps of fondant and roll into one marbelized ball.




 Cut the desired shapes out of your favorite marbled areas of the fondant.




Place the cut pieces onto rolled fondant of a solid color, like black or white. Be sure that you have cut out the pieces a little smaller than you want them, because they'll expand once you roll them.



When you roll the pieces into the fondant, they will create a crease around the shapes. You can use the "flooding" method to fill in the creases with black or gold for an outline effect.  



 The outcome is a beautiful design with a painted look...all from pieces that were bound for the garbage!