Decorating cakes with fondant and buttercream flowers creates beautiful scenes for the tops of your cakes. Using real, edible flowers provides another avenue, class and pricepoint for floral themed decorated cakes. All flowers are not edible. They must be specific breeds and grown in specific environments using certain methods. The trouble with edible flowers is their shelf life, but there's a way around this.

Sugar coating edible flowers offers decorators a way to extend the shelf life of edible flowers considerably. Sugar crystals applied to edible flowers create an exquisite look to edible flowers and preserve the natural beauty for as long as needed. Instant eye catchers, sugar coated edible flowers can be upsold to customers looking for something special. Put a decorated cake using real, edible, sugar coated flowers in your case for customers to see. This will create a dialogue that's sure to impress those buyers who want that extra something special.

These flowers work well as an addition to all other sweet desserts, as well. Use them in your bakery to garnish and upsell any item.

Some edible flowers are seasonal so ask your supplier about them today.