Flourpot Bake Shop, a cupcake and cookie bakery in Greenwood Village, CO, is now under the kosher supervision of the Scroll K, according to a report by the Intermountain Jewish News.

Flourpot opened two years ago, but closed down for several days last month to convert the bakery to conform to kashrut standards.

“We decided to go kosher because of the high demand for kosher fresh baked goods,” explains Nancy Rollnick-Jacobson, who owns the bakery with Sydney Davidson. “We couldn’t have birthday celebrations at the shop for people who keep kosher, and we wanted to support our Jewish community.”

Flourpot features 54 rotating flavors of cupcakes. Many are produced dairy-free on dairy equipment.

Most flavors are available vegan or gluten-free with 48 hours’ notice. Flourpot also features cookies and decorated shortbread.