Traditional confectionary gearwheel depositors are used the world over and are known for performing well but with limitations in production speed and type of products, leaving a gap in depositing technology. Unifiller is pleased to announce the launch of its new Multistation Depositor – a compact servo driven piston depositor that may just be the world’s fastest multi-port depositor.

Officially launched at this year’s IBA - World Market for Baking, an event that attracts bakeries and manufacturers from all over the world, the Multistation was a huge success with show attendees. According to Stewart Macpherson, VP and Owner at Unifiller, and the driving force behind the Multistation, “People were amazed by our new Multistation depositor. They had to see it to believe it. During the first four days of the show, the depositor had already run 131,000 cycles non-stop! Each cycle can consist of a maximum of 160 rows a minute, between 4-8 products on each row, which can give an overall depositor total of 1,280 per minute!”

When asked why he developed the Multistation, Macpherson provided five reasons for why he felt bakeries needed a multi-port piston depositor like the Multistation.

• It’s faster. Unifiller Systems placed its new Multistation through rigorous testing and was able to obtain deposit speeds up to 5 times faster than a gearwheel depositor. “As an example, you could deposit up to 500 muffins in less than a minute, using a 6 across configuration.”

• It can handle the tough stuff. While traditional gearwheel depositors are great for handling spritz cookies, meringues, swiss rolls and more; market feedback collected by Unifiller indicated that these depositors are limited in handling products of other viscosity and can slow down with larger deposit amounts of stiffer or heavier products. Unifiller’s Multistation depositor can handle chunky fillings, stiff batters, batters with particulates and heavy cakes mixes without slowing down the machine, and will even handle liquids including egg, custard, tres leches milk and more.

• It’s more precise. “Each deposit nozzle is portion controlled volumetrically by pistons, so portion control is guaranteed. Eliminating uneven deposits distributed across the row of deposit nozzles, especially if the product is inconsistent by nature.”

• It’s gentle on the product. Similar to the design of all its other equipment, Unifiller’s Multistation maintains product integrity with gentle portioning. The Multistation can gently handle light mousses or chunky fillings without breaking the pieces down or causing damage. “What you put in is what gets deposited.”

• It’s easy to use. “The simple tool-free design means the Multistation is easy to assemble. Just wheel out of the shipping crate, attach the hopper and you’re ready to go – simple operation with the fewest parts.” The servo drive offers a friendly user interface with a programmable recipe option. The quick change design allows for 4, 6 or 8 port configuration, in minutes without the use of any tools.

Other features of the MultiStation include:
• Interchangeable fixed nozzle templates, or adjustable centers for maximum versatility.
• Compact and portable design with integrated conveyor
• Built in pan sensor and PLC controls
• Fits all types of pans and trays up to 18” wide.
• Color touch screen, menu drive PLC controls
• Servo driven computer controlled pistons for speed and volume.
• Various accessories and nozzles available for different applications

For more information about the Multistation depositor call 1-855-403-8925 or visit For media inquiries, contact Unifiller Marketing Manager, Sonia Bal at

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