Prepare to indulge in the intoxication of Delightful Pastries line of “drunken donuts.” The Chicago-based bakery has created a line of alcoholic donuts that allow patrons to indulge in the two things they love most, doughnuts and alcohol. The donuts are baked with vodka and filled with adult-only custards inspired by popular cocktails.

“Certain liqueurs and spirits naturally lend themselves to baking,” says Dobra Bielinski, owner of Delightful Pastries. “When it comes to donuts and spirits, the possibilities are endless. From fillings to toppings to matching different flavor profiles, our Drunken Donuts are sure to please any adult’s palate.”

Chicagoans can indulge this sweet intoxication all over the city with locations in Old Town, Jefferson Park, and the Chicago French Market.

The new donuts at Delightful Pastries come in three alcoholic varieties, according to the Chicago Cheap Eats Examiner: Vanilla bean and vodka custard, chocolate custard and Godiva chocolate liqueur and passion fruit and Grand Marnier jelly.