Snacking has become the hottest food trend impacting food and beverage businesses and the time is now for all marketers to take notice and understand what's happening, and why it's happening. Join The Food Institute, NPD Group and Snack Food Association on Thursday, Nov. 1 as they address this evolving market in a one-hour webinar, Snacking in America.

Designed to present a clearer view of decisions and attitudes which are driving snack consumption, Snacking in America will offer plenty of "food-for-thought" for long term business opportunities. Eating patterns in the United States have changed, with one out of five eating occasions now considered a snack. Gain insight into the "morning occasion" and explore the relationship between snacking and health. Uncover the key motivational needs driving snack choices. And, what are the top snacking choices "in-home" and "away-from-home" - and, more importantly, why?

The webinar is designed for all interested in what will certainly be one of the big topics impacting the future of the food industry. Register today or obtain more information byclicking here.